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The Munuia

At this year’s virtual meeting of friends of, we were again enthusiastically planning the various mountain trips we will take this summer. For the beginning of August (by then, we hope, we will all be vaccinated and able to lead a normal life) we have planned several days in the Pyrenees and want to climb La Munia, that rocky ridge that we dream so much about.

As always, we carefully studied the documentation to see the different options the mountain offers us, and after expert opinions and our own discussions, the route we want to take seems to be this one:

The La Munia Massif is surrounded by four imposing glacial cores: Troumouse, Barroude, Barrosa and La Munia. The first to reach the summit were Victor Paget and Charles Paquet in 1864.

Location: Central Pyrenees.
Coordinates 42°42′54″N 0°07′52″E.
Elevation: 3,133 m.
Elevation: 1,850 m.
Schedule: 5.30 h.
Access: Bielsa.
Starting point: Pineta Valley (1,300).
Hut: La Larry, open (1 600).
Season: July-September.
Cartography: alpine, Ordesa.
Terrain: Meadow, rocky ground, cliffs and snowfields.
Level of difficulty: high.
Effort: high.
Risk: high.
Equipment: high mountains.

To get to the starting point of the climb, you must drive to Bielsa, which can be reached by taking the A-138 highway that connects Ainsa with the Pyrenees pass of the Bielsa Tunnel, and turning off into the Pineta Valley. It is a 12 km walk to the bottom of the basin, where the streams flowing from Monte Perdido form waterfalls. At the end is the Parador de turismo and an authorized campsite with basic facilities (1,300).

Itinerary. Near the parador, the path enters the forest and climbs up the valley slope to reach Llanos de La Larry, where there is an open refuge (1600). Crossing the meadows of this high mountain valley, you come across a wall that you have to climb. There is a path here, but some of the steps are quite dangerous. After crossing the mountain, the pastures reappear, leading to the lakes of La Munia (2,500 m). After rounding them, we start a steep and rocky ascent to Col de La Munia (2,853) within sight of the summit. We climb a long, airy ridge and, after traversing the “Paso del Gato” ledge, reach the graceful summit of La Munia (3,133).

Other routes. La Munia can be reached from Hospital de Parzan (1,415) by climbing up the Barrosa Valley and entering the route described by Cuello de Robinera (2,850). It also ascends from Chisagüez (1,400), passing through the Rio Real valley and joining the original route via Collado de las Puertas (2,520).

The shortest route is along the northern slope. It is approached by a toll road that leads to the parking lot of the vast Cirque de Trumuz (2,100). The route then climbs the wall and connects with the Pineta route at Col de la Munia (2,853). This side takes almost half the time. There is a small open shelter next to the parking lot.