paragliding · March 25, 2022 0


Top Paragliding is the best company in Tenerife, besides leisure flights we also organize and promote competitions, our prices are economical and the professionalism of our pilots is top notch, for 90 euro and 20 minutes flight you will get the best experience of your life.
Our paragliding flights are very safe, just as safe as driving a car, but those who are having this experience for the first time do not have to worry, because during the flight you will always be accompanied by a professional pilot, while you are enjoying the view.
Paragliding as an extreme sport has several forms and types of flights, some more popular and sought after than others. In our company we offer three types of flights: falcon flight, eagle flight and additional falcon flight, which we will describe below.

What is a falcon flight?
The falcon flight consists of taking off from a natural place at about 100 meters, then during the flight we will fly over Adeje and Fañaje villages, the flight will last 15-20 minutes and then land at La Caleta beach, price 115 euros.
What is the flight of the eagle?
The flight of the eagle is unique in its kind, it is a long and relaxing flight with an exceptional view of the natural park of Telde, the flight begins with a take-off from a height of 2200 meters and then after 40 minutes of flight it descends to the coast, the cost of the flight is 170 euros.
What is the flight of the falcon?
This flight starts with takeoff at an altitude of 1000 meters, lasts about 30-40 minutes, passes over the mountains and canyons of Adeje and Fañaje and ends in Playa Esmeralda. The price is 135 euros.
Are our flights safe?
The answer is definitely yes. Our paraglider flights are as safe as driving a car and when you book our services for a flight you will always have an experienced pilot by your side to guide you while you enjoy the view.
At Tenerife top paragliding you have several forms and types of flights at your disposal, in addition to the low prices, our pilots have the best experience and professionalism when it comes to paragliding, making them very safe, without anything to fear.